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Viglink 46 Comments

In this post I am going to discuss Viglink, which is a really cool service for affiliate marketing, and in particular if you live in the USA and have been affected by the laws in some states such as California and Colorado, stopping people from doing affiliate marketing, then you want to read this post as it provides a solution for you…

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Getting the Website You Want

In this post I’ll be discussing the best way to get a great, and professional looking website for very affordable prices.

When ever I start a new project, whether it be an affiliate marketing site, lead generation, adsense etc…. I prefer to get my site looking just the way I want it, and therefore like to get a Wordpress theme customized, which I am about to explain how to do…

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The Affiliate Marketing Mindset

This post is written by as guest blogger Jackson Lin.

Hi, my name is Jackon, I’m an internet marketer, starting my affiliate marketing journey in 2009.

Fast forward to now I do SEO for clients and also…

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Christmas Rush Affiliate Marketing Sales

Affiliate Marketing for Christmas: In this post I’m going to discuss the huge spike in online sales that occurs the months leading up to Christmas, and how you can potentially get in on the action.

I’m not 100% certain of the increase over Christmas, but I’m pretty sure it easily doubles if not triples at this time of year. If you postition yourself right now, you can get in on this massive spike in spending and come out on top.

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301 Redirects with WordPress

If you’re anything like me, a keen affiliate marketing fanatic, but have very little techie skills, then you might shy away from things like 301 redirects. However sometimes they are quite useful, as I will explain in this post.

So I have been backlinking a new site of mine…

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How to Find Top keywords

Recently I read a very interesting survey done on keywords, and in particular the most expensive keywords to pay for in Google. In this post I’ll be discussing what these are and how you can potentially use them in your organics campaigns, whether affiliate marketing sites, adsense etc…

The study done by Wordstream, showed that Insurance…

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$25,000 From Adsense Sites

Recently I did a blog post about Adsense and how it is a great alternative to affiliate marketing, and in it I mentioned a friend of mine who’s making 25K every month from Adsesne alone!!

The great news is, that after pursuing this guy for the past three weeks I finally managed to pin him down for a webinar…

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Traffic Masters Webinar

Hi everyone,

A while back I recorded a webinar with a friend of mine that makes 3 million dollars a year online. He does a lot of affiliate marketing, but also loads of other things too, and the secret to his success is his amazing skill at driving traffic. He uses many methods, SEO being just one….

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Is There Money in Adsense?

In this post I will be discussing Google Adsense and if there is decent money to be made using it.

A lot of people that focus on affiliate marketing falsely believe that you can’t make good money with Google Adsense…

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Authority Directories
Authority Directories 97 Comments

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of quality directories and how they can help your rankings in Google, however in this post I’ll be discussing the topic and also referring to a particular directory called “Best of the Web” that I think is pretty decent.

Directory submissions often get a bad name

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Website Critique
Website Critique 88 Comments

Today’s post is an affiliate marketing website critique. After reading the feedback from the recent survey that I sent out, quite a few people asked me to do a website critique and discuss things I would do differently. This is what I’ve done in the video below…

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