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Choosing Products to Sell on Amazon

In this video I discuss the sort of products to look for that fit the private label model for Amazon

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Assessing Markets
Assessing Markets 15 Comments

Before entering a new market to build a brand in, it pays to consider the following things I discuss in this video.

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Getting Reviews for Your Amazon Listing

Hi folks, in this post I’ll be discussing how to get more reviews for your Amazon listing. Getting reviews for Amazon products plays a big role in your conversions and your rankings in Amazon…

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SEO for Amazon Products

In this post I’m going to discuss ranking an Amazon product page with SEO and why it’s much easier to do that on standard websites.

I must say its been a…

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Media Buying 101
Media Buying 101 27 Comments

In this post I want to discuss buying traffic from website by placing banner ads on them, otherwise known as Media Buying. There are two services which I have been using which I find very helpful and I’ll be discussing this also…

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The Beginning of the Online Sales Revolution?

It’s been a while between blog posts for me, my sincere apologies for being so quiet on the blogging front, but I’ve been super busy working on my own products and brands, but I decided its time to provide a marketing update and share some of the things I’ve been learning and hopefully help in some way…

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Creating SUPER High Converting VSL’s

Hi folks,

If there’s one skill that you really MUST learn when wanting to be successful online then its copy writing. The good news is I recently recorded a webinar with world class video sales letter (VSL) copy writer Jon Benson.

Here’s the link to the replay…

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Private Label Products

In this post I provide an overview of private labeling, otherwise known as white labeling, and also provide some examples of how you can source products like this and sell them….

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Is SEO Really Worth the Time These Days?

I’m sure I will ruffle a few feathers with this blog post, but what the heck I need to come out and say it “Is SEO really worth the time these days?”

Now before I explain myself I want to say a few things…

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For Those Who Don’t Like Stock

It’s been a while between blog posts for me, as I’ve been super busy running my business, but I thought it would be time for an update and to share some insights…

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Most of the guides, articles, ebooks and lessons focus on getting good backlinks and having solid on-page optimization. That’s a good way to improve your rankings, but what you may not know is that your host can also affect your rankings for the better or worse. If you are targeting a competitive term, then you need all the help that you can get. Here’s what a good host can do for your SEO. Continuous Uptime A good host should have at least 99.9% uptime, but more is always better. Uptime refers to how long the servers are up and your website is functioning. For example, a 99.9% uptime guarantee means that you will experience about 0.01% of downtime a month, or 43 minutes at most. The search engines understand that websites go down every now and then, but having too much downtime can hurt you because your website will seem […]

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