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Adwords Master Class
Adwords Master Class 12 Comments

Hey folks,

Recently I did a post about becoming an Adwords consultant for businesses, you can see that post here – Adwords Consulting, and in the post I asked if people would like me to organize a professional Adwords…

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Managing Your Adwords Account

Recently I created a video that explained how to get a high quality score when using Google Adwords, and to follow on from this I have added another free training lesson on how to manage your Adwords accounts when they are up and running.

In this video I show you how to manage your bids and ad position and introduce a very powerful free tool called Adwords Editor. To watch the video please click the ‘Read More’ link in the bottom right. Enjoy!

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Google Quality Score Secrets

Hi guys. I received a few emails over the last couple of weeks from people that were wanting to know what they could do to get a better quality score in their Google Adwords campaigns.

Quality is a complicated beast however I have put this short video together to provide a guide on the most important factors that will help you get a good quality score.

The great thing about a high quality score is that Google give you a kickback and allow you to pay less per click to stay in the same position, so it worth paying attention to. Not only that though your quality score is a very key factor in how often Google show your ads…

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Squeeze Page Mastery

When building a targeted email list in your niche one very effective technique is to use a Squeeze Page.

Not very had to build, but very easy to get horribly wrong. So in this post I am going to share on exactly what kind of squeeze page work best so you can increase your opt in rate and ultimately makes more sales…

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The Google Ad Auction

Found this video pretty informative, so thought I would share it with you all. The chief economist from Google discusses Quality Score! If you can get a great quality score in your PPC campaigns then you will drive you cost per click down, and this can turn into huge savings.

For example if you are paying 40cents a click and can get it down to 35cents, you have saved 12.5%, imagine if you are spending $500 a week, that is about $60 saved…

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The PPC Drain…
The PPC Drain… 4 Comments

I have looked at quite a few peoples PPC campaigns in my time and I can honestly say that some of them might as well be direct debit straight to Google giant cash mountain. I mean these campaigns were like a drain pipe with cash rushing out through them.

However it doesn’t have to be that way and the happy ending to this tragic opening story is that these campaigns became profitable after a little tweaking.

So let’ s have a look at just what you need to do to create a profitable Adwords campaign.

thing that you need to consider is the mindset of the buyer. This may sound rather obvious but I have seen a lot of campaigns that have Adgroups full of…

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