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Media Buying 101
Media Buying 101 27 Comments

In this post I want to discuss buying traffic from website by placing banner ads on them, otherwise known as Media Buying. There are two services which I have been using which I find very helpful and I’ll be discussing this also…

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Adwords Consulting, an Easy Way to Get Started

In this post I explain a different business model that’s very easy to get into and is one of the best ways to get cash flow coming in while you build your own online business. I’m referring to Adwords consulting….

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The Google Display Network

Recently I’ve been using Google Adwords more for my campaigns, as I think its important to diversify your traffic sources, and relying 100% of SEO for your traffic is risky business. In this post I discuss using the Google Display Network, which use to be known as the Google Content network.

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Tired of Doing SEO?
Tired of Doing SEO? 22 Comments

In this post I explain a different traffic strategy that I’m focusing on more from now on, which doesn’t involve Google!

If your main traffic generation method is and has been SEO on your affiliate sites…

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