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Media Buying 101
Media Buying 101 27 Comments

In this post I want to discuss buying traffic from website by placing banner ads on them, otherwise known as Media Buying. There are two services which I have been using which I find very helpful and I’ll be discussing this also…

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How Good is Your Content?

How good is the content you put on your websites? Honestly, I’ve asked myself that a lot over the past 6 months, and if I’m completely honest, some of affiliate marketing sites had content that was not great, it was ok, but does ok cut it anymore? Well…no, ok doesn’t cut it, and it really never should have, but it did for a while, which I want to discuss in this post.

Yes we’ve all heard of Google Panda…

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Buyer Keywords
Buyer Keywords 90 Comments

One of the best lessons I learned in my career as an internet marketer, was how to find customers that are ready to buy online!

The way you do this is through the keywords these buyers use when they search online. In this post I’ll be giving you some great tips on buyer keywords.

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Improving Website Conversion

Hi Everyone,

Having been in sales and marketing jobs for many years, and now running an online business, I’ve noticed one major flaw in the way that online marketers approach selling.

In this post I’ll be addressing this matter and discussing ways of improving website conversion.

The most fundamental aspect of selling, that anyone involved in marketing must understand, is that people do not buy things because of the ‘features’ that a product has. People buy things for what the product can do for them, otherwise known as the ‘benefits’.

I am amazed at the number of websites, articles and videos that I see across the web, where people are trying to make a sale, but they are trying to do so by selling on features. This is huge mistake and something that must be avoided…

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Writing Product Reviews

Hi Everyone,

In this post I will be discussing perhaps the most important thing to get right in your internet marketing, which is writing copy for a website, and in particular writing product reviews.

You would be amazed out how many more sales you can make if you just pay attention to how you write your copy…

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The Power Is In The Words!

If you are reading this post then the headline worked! You see the job of the headline is intrigue the reader to want to find out more and read the rest of the text, or start to anyway.

Today I want to share with you the number 1 reason that I see, that stops people making big commissions online, and that is POOR COPY WRITING.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, selling products on E-Bay, or even drop shipping products, it doesn’t matter as it’s all the same when it comes to persuading your website visitor to do what you want them to do when they arrive on your website…

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