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The Maze Of Resale Rights

Most experienced online marketers will know a few things about resale rights products if they have been in the game a while. What they will also find is that you have to search high and low and trawl through a lot useless junk to find something that is worth while.

Why bother with resale right products then? Well the fact is that they are great and can be super helpful in seriously growing your online profits, if you know what you are doing with them, and know what to look for.

For the newbies reading this post let me give you a quick bit of advice to get you up to speed before I discuss some advanced tricks for resale rights products.

Basically resale rights products, are products where you get the license to sell them as your own product and keep 100% of the profits. Also depending on the restrictions in the license which will usually be clearly stated, you can also use these products as bonuses and sometimes even giveaways, and this is where things get interesting.

No matter what niche you are in, customers respond to increased value, even if sometimes it is only perceived value.

What I mean by this is that if you are an affiliate for a product and you have bonuses that are related to the product as well, say you are promoting a products for learning Spanish then a good bonus would be a simple Spanish ebook (pdf) on the top 100 spanish survival phrases.

So now the offer is even more enticing for customers even if they don’t ever use the book which is your bonus, they still will be more willing to spend money because the overall deal is much better and when the reason with themselves about whether or not to buy the product they come to the conclusion more often than not that they are getting a bargain because of all the extra stuff.

All that said and done what you will find is that the better bonuses you have generally the more sales you will get.

That leaves us with a slight dilemma though, where do you get these bonuses from?

That’s rights, Resale Rights!!

What To Look For In A Resale Rights Product

When you are looking for resale rights products make sure that you read the license and ensure that they allow you to give the product away as a bonus. Some  will allow you to as long as the product that the bonus is for, sells at a certain price. This is fair enough as you don’t want every Tom Dick and Harry giving away the bonus for nothing or the bonus becomes devalued.

The next questions that I always ask myself is: “Would I use this product myself if I were in the customers shoes?”

Don’t just put a heap of junk bonuses up with the product, because you will lose credibility with your customers which is especially important if you are building an email list and intend to contact these people again.

Build An Email List

For those of you who know me well I you will have heard this before, but alas I must repeat it as it is sooo important. That is: “Make Sure You Are Building An Email List”

Some niches won’t work well with an email list, this I understand, and the ones I am referring to are niches where the customer has a problem and when the problem is gone they are not interested anymore. For example if someone has acne and your product cures the acne, well then that is usually when the customer loses interest in your emails series.

However the are a huge amount of niches that do lean towards having an email list and the best of them all is the Internet Marketing Niche.

Why am I shooting off tangent you might ask?

Well the point I am getting to is that in order to cash in from your email list you need to have a large number of people on it. Once you have a list of about 1000-2000 people you have yourself an online asset that is valuable.

Here’s the clincher….The best way I have found to build a targeted email list quickly is by setting up squeeze pages and giving away something of VALUE for free!

This does work, I have done this and continue to do everyday. However if you want to increase the number of people that opt into your email list on your squeeze page, then I recommend that you take this one step further and give some free content away BEFORE you even ask for the person’s email.

This can be done using QUALITY RESALE RIGHTS products.

I do this in the Internet Marketing Niche and it works well. I set up a squeeze page where I offer a free interview with an internet marketing millionaire, but that’s not all I often have a snippet of the interview connected to the play button which customers can listen to for free, and if they want the whole 60-90 mins interviews then all they need to do is leave me their email.

Now you may be wondering where to get these interviews from, and I am not going to hide the fact that I own the website that sells these interview packs. The reason I do is because I got sick and tired of poor quality resale rights products and decided that I wanted to raise the bar.

So I went out and interviewed loads of world famous marketers and still do every month, and created my own resale rights products for the internet marketing niche.

The website is

Your Own Products

Now of course you can sell resale rights products and keep 100% of the profits for yourself also. Most good packs will come with all the promotional material to help you do this also. One good way to do this is to sell customers a lower ticket item on the front end (that is quality) and then promote more higher tickets items to them over time on the back end.

Ok that’s it from me for this post, stay tuned for

some more posts on email marketing and stealth copy writing tricks!

Take care,


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    Hi, good post. I have been woondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

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    its a most perplexing issue, but you have highlighted a few areas to make it more tangible.. i am finding your Blog very useful, one of the top of the few i follow…

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    Can i get a one small photo from your blog?
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    You can make money by selling resell rights products on your website or by using them as an incentive or a bonus for people who sign up for your newsletter or buy a product or service from you. Please be careful to check the license or instructions for each of the resale rights packages and products to be sure of what you can or can’t do. if you want to make more than the commissions offered by affiliate programs but don’t want to go through the effort of producing or sourcing your own products, then using resale rights products is the way to go.

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