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Forums Are Your Best Friend

Hey Guys,

I want to share with you one of the biggest lessons I learned in my internet marketing career that really made a huge difference to my success.

It began the day the penny dropped and I realized that forums were my best friend.

I noticed they were places rich with useful information. The reason for this is that forums are where your target market hang out, so it’s like the ultimate Spytool!

In this post I am going to explain three great ways to use forums in your internet marketing strategies so you too can benefit from them like I have.

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How To Pick Great Products With Less Competition

Hi guys,

Whether you’re an affiliate or selling your own product, it is important to know what to look for or include in a sales page in order to be successful.

Most affiliates who promote products from the Clickbank Marketplace tend to just jump on board high gravity products.

Sure this is a pretty good way to tell that a product is selling but then you will face the issue of higher competition. So why not learn the skills to assess a low gravity product, that has potential to sell, and where the competition is not as fierce. This can be a smart approach for some easy wins and great commissions….

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What To Promote?
What To Promote? 4 Comments

I have found that the number one question that new affiliate marketers ask is “what product should I promote?”

To be honest its a fair enough question to ask for a newbie and one that I asked myself when I started out. So what can be said about finding the perfect product to kickstart your online career with…?

Before diving in into this though I feel I must say one thing that I realised in my own journey, and that is when you start your online career you are investing in your education, and a very wise investment it is.

You see people spend 10’s of 1000’s of dollars happily going to University to get a degree, which takes three or more years to complete and doesn’t guarantee a job at the end of it either. My point is that, yes, there are certain criteria to look for to know what a good product to promote is, whether through SEO, PPC etc…but if you get it wrong first up don’t despair because you are learning some valuable lessons that are taking you one step closer to cracking it, nothing is wasted! It is people that have…

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