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SOPA – The Death of Free Speech Online

OK so I had heard of the SOPA bill, Stop Online Piracy Act, that is being passed aound the US senate lately, but I never quite realized how bad this thing really is, that is until I went to Wikipedia today, only to see they have blocked the entire english part of the site in protest against this stupid bill…

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Thinking Outside the Box & the Loss Leader Model

I was talking to someone the other day about affiliate marketing and also how supermarkets often employ a marketing strategy called the “The Loss Leader Model”. This is where they sell products at a loss, knowing that it will entice people to come into the store to buy these products at the bargain price, while they also buy other items when in the store.

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Youtube Keyword Tool
Youtube Keyword Tool 83 Comments

Youtube recently released a keyword tool, which you can find here: Youtube Keyword Tool. I’ve been playing around with it this past week, and it seems interesting, although I must say I haven’t totally worked out how to get the most out of it yet…

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Media Traffic Sources
Media Traffic Sources 40 Comments

In last weeks post I discussed a website case study about a site that was very general in nature, and this week I want to add to that. If you missed the post then you can click here: Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study. When you further dissect that site you will notice that most of it’s traffic is not free SEO traffic, and in fact a large amount of it is paid traffic from media buys.

This site actually had an ad on a large new site, I think it was CNN from…

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Buy Established Websites

Hey Everyone,

I recently caught up with a friend of mine and top marketer Ryan, and we had a skype chat and he told me how to buy established websites and why it is such a good idea.

I’ll be honest and say I have never done this before myself, but after talking with him I was amazed at how profitable this can be, and how it can help accelerate you into a niche. Like I said I am no expert, so I will be organizing a webinar with my friend so he can teach you himself, but for this post I want to share with you some of the main points I learned from him.

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Amazon Carousel Widget

I just recorded a video showing an Amazon widget that I’m using it on a lot of my Amazon affiliates sites now.

I think it works best on the home page though, I haven’t used it on any of the others deep pages in my sites, but it might work, just have to see. Open this post to view the video demonstration…

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Google Mayday Update
Google Mayday Update 16 Comments

Hey Guys,

I watched a video created by Matt Cutts, the head of the Google anti-spam team, which I have embedded below for you.

The focus of the video is about a recent change to the Google algorithm, and in particular the way they rank pages for the long tail keyword phrases. I’m interested to hear what you all think about this. However what I think may possible be the outcome…

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Outsourcing Tips for Internet Marketing

In this post I am going to provide some very practical outsourcing tips for Internet Marketing.

I am doing this more and more in my own business, and have learned some things that I want to pass onto you guys, so you can get the most out of your own outsoucing.

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Rapid Rewriter Launch and Winners!

Hey Everyone,

As you all may be aware I am releasing a brand new article spinning and rewriting tool, plus my Backlink Blueprint course on April the 27th at 3pm EST, so mark it in your calendar now!!

As part of the lead up to this I have been running a contest for the best comment on the pre-launch blog. Thanks to all those who participated, I had nearly 500 comments in total and over 5000 downloads of the free SEO report I was giving out.

The lucky winners have been notified and they are….

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Put a Little ‘Jing’ in Your Life

Hi everybody,

Recently I caught up with a friend of mine and he shared with me some really great ideas on outsourcing my business, among other things.

However one really cool thing he showed me, which I was aware of already, but had never taken the time to look into, is Jing, a website video marketing tool!

In this post I am going to discuss why I now like Jing so much and how it might be of use to you also. The best thing is that it is totally FREE!! (got to love that)

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How to Set Up WordPress

Hey Everyone,

I hope you guys are making some progress with your marketing efforts!

After many requests from people, I have decided that I will write a post explaining how to set up Wordpress, and use it for your affiliate marketing strategies.

I will be showing you, how to get some really nice, and FREE, Wordpress templates, and also some of the best plugins for Wordpress, and why I use them.

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